Information is Power

About Our Technology

UME3 is revolutionary application designed to educate, empower and improve the quality of life for metastatic breast cancer patients.

health dashboard

UME3’s virtual patient dashboard compiles all your EPHI information in one encrypted mobile platform. Data animations and informatics make it easy to understand your health information.

Electronic Health Records

UME3 syncs all of your EHR, EPHI and wearable information to create a comprehensive picture of your health. Add notes to your personal health journal and access educational content specific to your current disease state to help explain complex medical procedures and results.

Lab Results

Blood work and lab results from EHRs can be monitored and displayed in a variety of formats. You can add alerts and customize the data with filters to get a snapshot or overview of results over time.


All your scans can be viewed inside the app. 3D views and helpful data can be displayed in relation to your scans.


Connect with all your existing online communities and social groups from inside the application. Share links and relevant data from inside UME3 with your family, friends and care team.