Using AI to solve the world’s toughest Cancer challenges


Our Mission

We aspire to improve quality of life for cancer patients and give hope by delivering innovation to address the world’s most challenging cancer problems and provide timely solutions through data and cognitive insights.

Our Focus Areas

Charging into the future, UME3 is supported by the innovation of AI and deep learning algorithms and our collective expertise in and commitment to improving the cancer research industry.

To do our part in driving bold and comprehensive transformation, we’ve built best-in-class capabilities in four key areas across the cancer landscape:

Improve cancer patient outcomes

UME3 improving efficiencies with its interpretation of cancer across multiple datasets can improve outcomes by revealing more effective and timely treatment outcomes for patients. 

Help cancer researchers discover a cure for cancer

Allowing cancer researchers to leverage innovation in AI and deep learning to map and discover new insights into cancer and its characteristics to help find a cure.

Interoperability solutions

The amount of cancer data spread out across the globe and in siloed databases is too vast to develop timely, valuable insights.  UME3 will offer deep learning solutions to optimize research and remove obstacles. 

Accelerate Discovery

Quickly identify the most optimal path forward.  Shining a flashlight into the dark cave that is cancer and using advanced tools to expediate problem solving and find relevant, timely solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Advancing cancer research through innovative AI
  • Optimize cancer treatment and performance
  • Engage patients and get insights at point of care
  • Connect all data needed to answer complex cancer questions in a very short time
  • Share data and deliver insight to patients, hospitals, providers, researchers, oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and the entire cancer care team.