Using AI to solve the world’s toughest Cancer challenges


Better patient outcomes

Medical experts agree that tools and solutions which empower engagement contribute to improved health outcomes and better quality of life. UME3 is a platform for the community of cancer patients, their families and caregivers.  UME3 plans to use the latest technology to empower cancer patients to better manage, understand and engage in their healthcare process.


UME3 has established a unique, highly connected community of cancer researchers and datasets.  We aim to bring valuable information together about living, rather than suffering, with a cancer diagnosis.  From smartwatch data to tumor genome sequencing to mitochondria mapping, UME3 plans to integrate datasets together to search for solutions across challenging cancer problems. 



We’re building UM3 with the help of
cancer researchers, oncologists, hospital systems, providers, patients and global cancer resources and organizations.
By creating a cancer database that is accessible and updated with real-time data solutions, across 4 scales of cancer data, UME3 aims to fight cancer with AI, deep learning and global cooperation to find a cure for this deadly, ugly disease. 

you never have to be alone with CANCER again

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UME3 is building an AI and deep learning cancer database aimed to help cancer researchers around the world to interoperate, share insights and discover new treatments and a cure for cancer.


With UME3, you are never alone with a cancer diagnosis. We bring together patients, family members and caregivers to ask questions and share their stories and experiences for the benefit of others.


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Cancer Resources

Advanced Breast Cancer

When breast cancer has spread to other organs such as the brain, bones, lungs or liver, it’s called advanced (metastatic) cancer. Most often, metastatic cancer develops when cancer recurs, though a small percentage of women have advanced breast cancer when they’re first diagnosed.

Breast Basics

20 seconds-Every 2 minutes a woman in the U.S. is diagnosed with breast cancer.

Source:   Breast Cancer Research Foundation  2018

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